SUSSEX: MODERN IN THE MAKING | Modern in the making
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Sussex occupies a unique position in the recent history of British thought, art, design and literature. It has helped shape our modern world.


Writers, artists and designers of the 20th Century found Sussex to be not only a place of inspiration and retreat but also a place from which to launch a rebellion against tradition. Radical ideas, challenging creative output and alternative lifestyles all form part of the Sussex Modern legacy, which today finds new expression in contemporary culture throughout the county.


Sussex is studded with galleries, museums, houses and public buildings that reflect the spirit of modern creativity. From the writings of Virginia Woolf to the paintings of Eric Ravilious, the photographs of Lee Miller and the type design of Eric Gill, Sussex Modern represents a rich assembly of artistic endeavour and talent.


Nine extraordinary spaces devoted to the arts, stretching from Chichester in the west to Hastings in the east, have joined together to give you a unique experience of modern design, craft, art and architecture. Each location has something different to offer. You will find some of the finest examples of Modern British art in Sussex and discover a changing programme of exhibitions featuring exciting contemporary work. In 2017 the work of artists such as Becky Beasley, Simon Patterson and Cathie Pilkington will be on show. You can join in festivals and educational programmes that put you in touch with Sussex Modern as it is today.


Against a background of rolling downs, wooded hills and a stunning coastline there is plenty to explore, especially on foot or by bike. Visits to Sussex towns, restaurants, pubs and vineyards reveal just how much the Sussex Modern vibe has influenced local food, drink and hospitality – authentic, artisan and locally sourced produce make the difference.


To enjoy the Sussex Modern experience is to be part of the lives and work of those who made, and continue to make, decisive contributions to our modern culture. Come to Sussex to celebrate all things modern.